Areaware - Gradient Puzzle 1000 pcs - Red/Orange/Gold

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Model/Product no.: SS16480
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The colors in this puzzle have been arranged to suggest that there exists no precise point on the chromatic scale at which one color becomes another. The puzzle can be considered complete even when its pieces are disassembled and mixed together in the box. The large version of the original Gradient Puzzle is a three color blend of a reflective metallic ink and two spot colors.

Bryce Wilner is a graphic designer based in Chicago. In addition to designing for cultural institutions, he produces many independent pieces that explore the form and content of books and other printed matter.

Designer Bryce Wilner
Mål 50,8 x 71,1 cm
Kg 0,738
Diverse 1000 pieces
Colli antal B2B / 4
Diverse2 Strong cardboard